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Started by admin, April 03, 2011, 10:46:45 am

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Is there anything that you were able to find in the Papakilo?  A family link?  A story about your family? 

Did the Papakilo assist you with something?  Kuleana Tax Exemption?  The location of a family lot?

We want to hear from you, list your experiences with Papakilo here!


OHA ohana:

Surely you'll receive many positive congratulations on the Papakilo Database ( detailed in today's OHA News Alert. Please let me add support.

A quickly search for assorted family references found interesting 1960 photos of Pu'u Laimana in Puna. But searching also found the song "Aloha Aina Oiaio" written in 1894 by my great-grandmother, Kalei Ewaliko (Lyman) of Hilo, when she was 14, published on the first page of Ka Makaainana, the Honolulu Hawaiian-language newspaper. This reborn family story triggers wonderful visions, for which we deeply thank you.


Stockholm, Sweden

Leo: Song King, aoao 144.
1. Ku a paio no ka pono,
E Aupuni o Hawaii,
Mai na 'Lii ka lahui,
I hookahi puuwai,
Hana me ka hooikaika,
E na hui aloha e,
A haule mai na lani,
No ka pono o Hawaii.
Hui:--- E Hawaii, e ala e!
Pau ka po, ua ao kakou,
Kani kui na leo e,
O Hawaii ua ola hou!
2. Ku a paio e na hoa,
O ka hui aloha e,
No ka pono, no ke ola,
O Aupuni Hawaii,
E kupaa luli ole,
Ma ka pono io no,
A hooho mai na lani,
A e lanakila no.
3. Ku a paio na haipule,
No ka home aloha e,
Noi, imi, kikeke la,
Ma ka puka gula e,
Kali iki, meha iki,
Na leo u luuluu,
Aia hoi he leo oli,
O Hawaii, eia mai!

Puueo, Hilo, Hawaii
(1894; age 14)


Aloha Poki!  That's great news to hear, mahalo for keeping us informed!  It seems as though you are on your way to using the database so if you come upon any glitches or have any questions, please be sure to email us at

Mahalo and have a great day!



I found an article about my great great grandfather Ka'akimaka. Pau i ka Mano. 6/15/1906. I've heard this story before orally but didn't know it was published in the Nupepa Kuokou until I searched his name. It's exciting to have the resources at the tip of our fingers. Now to brush up on my 'olelo Hawai'i so I can start translating more articles that pertain to my 'ohana's history. Success!


Thanks for sharing with all..