Ahailono o ka Lahui, Volume I, Number 13, 24 January 1890 — Page 2

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  Ma ke Kauoha.


Keena Kalaiaina.


                                                                                                Honolulu, H.I.

            E loaa no na kope o na kanawai hoohui ia ma ka olelo Hawaii, ma ke Keena Kalaiaina. Ke kumukuai $5.00.

                                                            L.A. THURSTON,

                                                                        Kuhina Kalaiaina.

Keena Kalaiaina, Ianuari 23, 1890.      Ian24-3ts




Kakau Inoa o ka Poe Koho.


Mahele 2 Apana 5, Honolulu.


            E noho ana na Luna Nana Koho Balota o ka Mahele 2 Apana 5, Honolulu, Oahu, ma ka hale kula o Keoneula no ke kakau ana i na inoa o ka poe koho i na ‘Lii a me na Lunamakaainana, a me ka hoopololei ana i ka papa inoa ma ka Poaono, Ian. 25, mai ka hora 4 a 7 ahiahi; Poakolu Ian. 29, mai ka hora 4 a 7 ahiahi; a ma ka Poalima Ian. 31, mai ka hora 2 a 8 ahiahi. E hoolaha ia ana no na halawai e ae ma na halawai maluna ae.

            O ka Mahele 2 o ka Apana 5, oia no kela wahi o ua apana la makai o ke alanui Moi, a ma ke komohana o ke alanui e moe ana i uka o Kalihi. E lawe pu mai me na palapala hookaa auhau.                          W.L. WILCOX.




The National Herald.


Honolulu, Jan. 24, 1890.




            EVERY man whi is in favor of the industrial classes of the kingdom will vote the National Reform ticket.


            A “GOOD” family-compact reputation is not what it was; it is rapidly ceasing to be a political endorsement for the wearer.


            THE Advertiser is now fretting over the delusions of the opposition. Of course such a possibility as self-delusion never occurs to our thick headed contemporary.


            -- Our candidates are emphatically pledged to maintain the absolute independence and autonomy of the Kingdom .— National Reform Platform.


            WE as every elector in the kingdom, before he votes, to carefully sompare the second clause of the government party’s platform with the eighth clause of the National Reform party’s platform.


            THE Advertiser has a new patent called the Wilcox and Bush sewing machine, which sews up a political crazy quilt and then rips it up again. To its poor, unpopular cause, what a solace must be this little political toy!


            “GYNBERGDRINKENSTEIN”? O yes, that’s so; the fellow who staggered around six of the Hawaiian islands in the official discharge of his duties! Brother Logan, we advice you to keep out of “the delectable duchy of ‘Gynbergdrinkenstein.”


            WE ask every good citizen of Hawaii to remember to chief political acts done by the leaders of the present government party during the seizure of the Hawaiian Government in 1887, together with the many things said and written by the backers of the party since that time, to justify their past extra constitutional course and make consistent their present political policy of new promises!


            Mr. W.O. SMITH (sugar). @@@@@@@@@@ the the necessity of treating future legislation to the country. That is right, Mr. Smith, it is about time you do see it; the “country” is decidedly through trusting you and your political fellows of the family compact!


            SPEAKING of mottoes reminds us that it were better for the government party to be without such a moral policeman as the Advertiser prints at the head of its editorial column. To be consistenet the, line “Thy Country’s, the God’s, and Truth’s,” should read Thy family’s, they Party’s, and Gin’s.


            A MAJORITY of the people of Hawaii, without race distinction, have already decided that the so-called principle underlying the seizure of the government be the present party in power, was wrong in itself; and that dividing the “spoils” among the relations and friends of the family-compact afterwards, was at but at best a suicidal policy to follow!


            THE ‘existing administration” has attempted at three different points, during the last two years, to use official power in as arbitrary a manner as the King formerly did. The National Reform party proposes to eliminate event the possibility of the government party, or any other party hereafter, following such a “re-actionary policy!


            THE Advertiser worries over the misfortune of its political opponents “cursed bu the patronage of stupid dealers in incomprehensible innuendo.” We cheerfully bear testimony that the words of the above extract are English and if they do not seem to make much sense as grouped together, it is probably because they were arranged in the dark.


* * *   This seems to assume that all natives belong either to the Bush or to the Elele faction, which is to do them a gross injustice, as the coming elections will show.— Advertiser.


Quite right ; ‘the coming elections will show” a large majority of native Hawaiians belong to the National Reform party!


THE government party now sees that it went a little too fast in carrying out its plans against the interests of the working people and native Hawaiians. This party of broken promises, which has acted so badly for two years, is now willing to agree to anything the people ask, provided they will only vote for the government candidates and give the “existing administration” further time to perfect its little political game!


            THE solicitude of the Advertiser over Mr. Marques and the company he keeps is of such a maternal character as to remove it from the realms of humor to those of pathos. To such intense and heartburning affection have been due the ballads “Don’t you go, Tommy,” and “Where is my Wandering Boy to-night?” Cheer up, venerable old female, Marques is all right. His friends do not intend to do any thing worse by him than give him a seat in the legislature!


            WM. H. HALSTEAD ; the genial Sargeant-at-Arms of the last legislature is a candidate for representative from the district of Makawao, Maui. By a strange coincidence the number of times he has been defeated exactly agrees with the number of times he has presented “himself as a candidate. If he could by any means secure the number of votes the “other fellow” gets he would be all right. But Billy, undeterred by sad experience, will run for office. He will run as usual, and he will be left as usual.


            --Our candidates are required to promote and defend all measures for the advantage of the working classes .— National Reform Platform.



            THAT the government party is not over confident of Maui, is shown by the departure of W.O. Smith, S.M. Kaaukai and others on a mission to that island to diffuse such information and make use of such arguments as will turn the unwary footstep from the National Reform path. Messrs. Smith, Kaaukai and Co., may spare their efforts with advantage to themselves. The people of Maui have already had an opportunity of canvasing the subject and have already formed their convictions. They will hardly delegate to these political pilgrims the responsibility of thinking for them at this late day.


            BOTH the editor of government newspaper and Sam Wilder’s brother wer ehit hard this morning by a correspondent in said newspaper, who advises these gentlemen to drop personalities in politics. This very sensible correspondent deplores that, “The Chinese question like Baquo’s ghost, will not down” and intimates that the government had better deal with “these and other important matters * * * honestly and earnestly, but without passion.” This is right; we hope the advice will be followed on the government side. Let the government newspaper explain the policy and record of the government party on the Chinese question, that this political ghost at least my be put “down!”




            --- Our candidates will support a liberal modification of the present law on the property and income qualifications now required of electors for Nobles .— National Reform Platform.



            THE Advertiser, meditating over the awful probability of handing the government over to the National Reform party, scratches its head for a parallet. It says, “at the close of the great civil was in the United States, harmony might easily have been restored by putting the seccessionists and their sypathisers in possession of the government, etc.” That the Advertiser means to denounce the National Reform party as no better than secessionists and traitors is clearly evinced by its application: “Of course, it is easy to conciliate such people by giving them what they want, etc.” Voters will do well to remember the gratuitions sneer at such people and to bear in mind the Advertiser’s application of such terms as secessionists and traitors to the citizens who compose the National Reform party. According to that bigoted sheet’s dictum, to be out of accord with its crazy doctrines is to be in open insurrection against constitutional government.





            A few days ago the government party organ ws trying to shift the blame of the revolution of 1887 upon the shoulders of the mechanics and working men of Hawaii. This was a sorry failure, on every previous attempt to escape the ignominy of that extra constitutional and illegal political expediency has been. The party which a few days afo advocated a political fight of personalities against the national Reform candidates, is this morning endeavoring to get back to the “issues” between the two parties. But the party of cocktails and prayers is not quite ready to open up the fight entirely upon “issues,” unless it is allowed to make “issues” out of certain personalities.


            For instance, some unnamed candidate on the National Reform ticket is charged with “malfeasance in office,” “extravgance,” “waste,” “abuse of public trust,” etc. The government organ then asks if “these facts raise no issue?” They do not as they stand. The bare assertion of the editor of the family compact organ is insufficient proof of the truth of such wholesale criminal charges. Besides a question immediately arises. If these charges are capable of proof, what has the “existing administration” been about that this unnamed candidates has not been prosecuted long ago, as both political honesty and the law peremptorily demand? Is the present government refusing to do its duty here, as it has done in certain notorious cases, where its own officers were openly charged with shady official conduct? Or is the whole thing another barefaced and libelous personality, after the style and manner of Sam Wilder’s brother! Give the public the name of this unnamed criminal candidate on the National Reform ticket; produce official proof of your charges against him so the “meat” in your political personality can be come at! Or do you fear the law, good family-compact slanderer?


            But we were speaking of the government pary trying partially at least, to get back to “issues.” Forgetting that a few days ago an attempt was made to shift the blame of the revolution of 1887, upon the electors of the National Reform party, the government again assumes responsibility for that illegal and extra constitutional proceeding. Nay, more ; the government demands that their political crime shall be made a political issue! Gentlemen you are late ; before you had mastered up sufficient courage to make it an open “issue” the honest and patriotic people of the kingdom had already done so for you. You will now please explain to the people how you intend to justify your action and responsibility in that violent and impolite proceeding!



            We are informed on good authority that Mr. Gonsalves did not make “a ringing speech” at the Portugese meeting held in the interest of the government party last night, but that he broke down amid the cheers and laughter of his audience. At least several voices were heard to remind Mr. Gonsalves that he had “better go and sell his potatoes. ”!