Ahailono o ka Lahui, Volume I, Number 14, 25 January 1890 — Page 2

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  Ma ke Kauoha.


Keena Kalaiaina.


                                                                                                Honolulu, H.I.

            E loaa no na kope o na kanawai hoohui ia ma ka olelo Hawaii, ma ke Keena Kalaiaina. Ke kumukuai $5.00.

                                                            L.A. THURSTON,

                                                                        Kuhina Kalaiaina.

Keena Kalaiaina, Ianuari 23, 1890.      Ian24-3ts




Kakau Inoa o ka Poe Koho.


Mahele 2 Apana 5, Honolulu.


            E noho ana na Luna Nana Koho Balota o ka Mahele 2 Apana 5, Honolulu, Oahu, ma ka hale kula o Keoneula no ke kakau ana i na inoa o ka poe koho i na ‘Lii a me na Lunamakaainana, a me ka hoopololei ana i ka papa inoa ma ka Poaono, Ian. 25, mai ka hora 4 a 7 ahiahi; Poakolu Ian. 29, mai ka hora 4 a 7 ahiahi; a ma ka Poalima Ian. 31, mai ka hora 2 a 8 ahiahi. E hoolaha ia ana no na halawai e ae ma na halawai maluna ae.

            O ka Mahele 2 o ka Apana 5, oia no kela wahi o ua apana la makai o ke alanui Moi, a ma ke komohana o ke alanui e moe ana i uka o Kalihi. E lawe pu mai me na palapala hookaa auhau.                          W.L. WILCOX.




The National Herald.


Honolulu, Jan. 25, 1890.




            THE shadow of labor representation –R.Lishman!


            THE silent, nodding Noble—James I. Dowsett, St.!


            ELECTION will fall upon Wednesday, February 5, 1890.


            THE temperance cause—E.S. Cunha and J.M. Horner!


            FORT-STREET church and Sunday violation—Brother Dillingham!



            --Our candidates are required to promote and defend all measures for the advantage of the working classes .— National Reform Platform.



            POLITICAL promisers—the government candidaes! Political promise-breakers—the “existing administration!”


            THE government party held a meeting in the first district last night. There was only ONE native Hawaiian present!



            --Our candidates are emphatically pledged to maintain the absolute independence and autonomy of the Kingdom. – National Reform Platform.



            VOTERS! So not allow yourselves to be cross-examined by the government’s election inspectors, as to your income and property qualifications-your oaths are suffisient. Insist that these be taken without any questions being asked!


            THE National Reform party held a meeting in Fowler’s yard las night at which over seventy electors were addressed by Mr. Lucas . A large number of Portugese being present loud calls were made for Mr. A. Marques, who made a short speech and was given three hearty cheers when he closed.



            --Our candidates will support a liberal modification of the present law oon the property and income qualifications now required of electors for Nobles. – National Reform Platform.



THE main political fight of the government is being made against the native race. Now is the time for every honest foreigner to endeavor to award native Hawaiians the political justice denied them as a race by their professed “haole friends” of the family-compact!


A SLIGHT ripple in the form of a rumor that many government votes will be transferred from Achi to a more available candidate ruffles the serenity of the political surface. The only available candidate for representative from the fifth district is the nominee of the National Reform party for that office.


            THE minister of the interior rushes into print occasionally with campaign documents. These sorties of his excellency might be considered by those tainted with national reform tendencies as somewhat political. And this view would obtain some justification from the fact that these ministerial vindications always contain denunciations of national reform candidates.


            Poor Diogenes! With his little candle in hand he has been moving among men until he finds no honesty, no integrity, no fairness, except in his own little self .— Advertiser.






            From time to time we hear of questionable, if not actually dishonest election methods being used. The bulk of the complaints about such methods come from the people. The charges are generally, made against some of the leaders of the government or some government election appointees or against special “ward workers” of the government candidates, or the candidates themselves, or against the unserupulous wealthy backers generally of all campaign tactics of the government party. That there is more or less truth in most of these charges is quite evident, because the more simple and boastful members of the party broken promises have often declared their general truth. This has been done in moments of political enthusiasm and weakness or has been admitted in bursts of political confidence, skillfully drawn out by sundry long headed citizens supposed to be friendly to the government side.


            It may be good political news to be told just at this point that most of the dishonorable election methods, being practiced by the government party and their hired politicians, are directed against the Hawaiian race. When the campaign first opened the aims and endeavors of the leaders of the government party were to sow discord and raise strife between the native Hawaiians and the Mechanics’ and Workingmen’s Union. Every political expediency was used to accomplish this, but failed utterly as all well know. The second policy was marked out by the Queen-street politicians and was intended to be a master-stroke . The native Hawaiians being the poltical element most feared were to be conciliated, and the white “riffraff” was to be beaten by any means at hand. This was to be the planters’ master stroke of political policy!


            The planter’s or the Queen-street plan fell though for a very simple reason: viz., the native Hawaiians remembered the past and wisely refused to be conciliated! The native Hawaiians are not quite such political fools as the planters and government party leaders took them to be; therefore they continued their refusal to be conciliated and they wisely continue such refusal to this day and hour. This unexpected stand taken by the long suffering but still patriotic native Hawaiians caused consternation in both the rank and file of the government party ,- -they had expected to poll at least the usual large portion of the native vote! The government leaders had made another mistake: they had unwisely forgotten how badly their party had treated the native Hawaiian since 1887 and they had neglected to take into account the political effect on native Hawaiians of the late attempted “sell out” by the “existing administration” of the independence and autonomy of the kingdom of Hawaii, belonging by right and inheritence to the Hawaiian race!



            Chagrined and full of spite, the government party at this disappointment determined to get political revenge on the native race, if possible. To reach this end their party leaders and political organizers are now trying to carry out a new political scheme. The plan is first , to weaken and divide the native Hawaiians by placing a few renegade native Hawaiians on the government ticket. Secondly, to hire certain well known half-white and native politicians to champion the political cause of these renegade natives on the government ticket. Thirdly, to spread slanders and lies abroad about every candidate the native people have seen fit to nominate for themselves; and fourthly, to start a low and base political slander against the entire voting portion of the Hawaiian race, in order to bring general discredit upon the National Reform cause and, if possible, to thereby prevent the independent white element from voting with the party that represents the native people.


            Of all base political methods ever used against native Hawaiians by their professed “haole friends,” this is the lowest and meanest. It is, however, quite worthy of the compromise party of whisky, sugar and prayers and fits in exactly with the past history of these morally and politically self-disgraced cliques and factions. The report was started, in now being circulateed and can be traced to some of the leaders and politicians of the government party, that native Hawaiians are generally taking advantage of the last blunder lately made by the minister of the interior, about the registration law, to levy political blackmail upon the candidates and leaders of the two parties! The blackmail claim, made by these government slanderers of the native race, is that the native Hawaiians refuse to register unless somebody pays their taxes for them.


            We do not care to discuss the object of this slander. But as the natives mostly belong to the National Reform party it is quite likely it has a double object: viz., to throw discredit on the National Reform party and upon the patriotism of the native Hawaiians, and at the same time to offer them a cheap political bribe for their votes in the form of a free tax receipt. Politically it would pay the Queen-street politicians and government candidates to buy native votes in this manner after their previous failure to conciliate the native Hawaiians; for the government party could take further and fuller political revenge on the poor natives after they had voted the government party ticket as was done after the last general election!


            But being exposed the scheme will be treated as another political blunder on the part of the government party. It is an insult to the native race to declare that they will sell their chances of retaining the political inheritence of their fathers for the trifling sum of their year’s taxes. The senseless game for good reasons will not work, either agianst the native race or in favor of the eletion of the government candidates. The native Hawaiians are warned at every point, both against the unscrupulous leaders and the hired renegade native helpers of the government party. There is not a true native Hawaiian in the kingdom who will not, in this time of great political need, sell the last article he possesses to pay his taxes in order to be able to cast his vote against the political oppressors of his race and country and in favor of the assured independence and future prosperity of the kingdom of Hawaii!


            THE presumably godless Advertiser is sore stricken because of the charge against the member of the family—compact who pocketed that $500 bribe! The godless Advertiser now thinks it is wrong to accuse a man of a specific bribe without the affidavits being published. The godless Advertiser was not so morally tender yesterday morning while it was asserting a half-dozen libelous lies about an unnamed candidate on the National Reform ticket. By the way, people are constantly making enquiry as to the name of that family-compact corner stone of two churches who received that $500 bribe—retainer we mean! We are ourselves anxious to know whether he wears a big, red beard or no beard at all; and whether he is prematurely bald from wearing a tight hat, or from remorse and political disappointment? As to that other five hundred dollar retainer received from the government by another member of the “truly good” party, we hope he will return it to the proper department before election day —otherwise our political patience may become exhausted, as the people’s already is!



                                                            The kettle doth hum,

                                                            And we must have rum,

                                                            But what will be done,

                                                                        With Horner ,   poor thing?

                                                            He’ll go up the spout,

                                                            Without reasonable doubt,

                                                            Consigned by the votes,

                                                                        Of the people, poor thing!