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Waimea Chant - Hi`iaka
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Island Moku Ahupuaa
Oahu Koolauloa Waimea
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admin Excerpt taken from "Waimea Valley, Oahu; A Cultural and Archaeological Assessment" compiled by Archaeological Consultants of the Pacific, Inc. Cited from Emerson's "Pele and Hi`iaka: A Myth from Hawai`i" Honolulu, HI: `Ai Pohaku Press. 1993: 98-99
admin Hi‘iaka’s description of the area demonstrates the importance of the land, plants, and the power of the sea to the people of Waimea. The fertile valley provided an ideal location for growing and subsisting on many varieties of plants including taro, sweet potatoes, bananas, sugar cane, breadfruit, plantains, coconuts, mountain apples, and oranges (Handy & Handy 1972; Mitchell m.s. “Mo‘olelo o Waimea”).
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