Ahailono o ka Lahui, Volume I, Number 6, 16 January 1890 — Page 2

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Ma ke Kauoha.


Hoolaha Hoopaa Inoa.

E NOHO MAI ANA KA PAPA NANA KOHO o ka Mahele Ekahi, Apana Ekolu, no ka hoopaa ana i na inoa o ka poe koho, ma ka Halepaikau Raipela, ma Manamana, ma ke ahiahi Poakahi. Ianuali 14 mai ka hola 7 a 2 P.M., ma ka Poakolu, Ianuari 13, mai ka hora 7a 9P.M., ma ke ahiahi Poalima, Ianuari 17, mai ka hora 7 a 9 P.M. a ma ka auina la Poaono, Ianuari 18, mai ka hora 4 a 6 P.M. O keia mau halawai no ke kakau inoa ana e hoomau ia aku ana ma ia wahi a ma na manawa like no ua pule mahope mai a hiki i ka hoopanee loa ana.

            F. WUNDENBERG.

            Lunahoomalu o ka Mahele Ekahi, Apana Ekolu.


The National Herald.


Honolulu, Jan. 16, 1890.




            After a month of deep affliction and sorrow, our noble friend and able manager Mr. Daniel Lyons, has returned to his post of duty in this office. Hardly within our memory, do we know of such fell disaster falling upon one family outside of seasons of epidemic disease.

            During the last days of the old year Mr. Lyons’ youngest child, Zeripha, aged 2 years and 3 months, was stricken with diphtheria and died upon the 29 th of December, 1889. The next day, December 30 th , little Lizzie, aged 12 years and 1 month sickened and died with the same dread disease. Still the destroyer stayed not his hand. Upon January 1, 1890, Mrs. Daniel Lyons, the devoted mother and tender wife, succumbed to the desease and passed away in the bloom of her life at the age of 34 years and 6 months.

            Lest the disease should become epidemic the remainder of the stricken family now went into quarantine, during which Mr. Lyons’ second son, young Ray, was taken sick and was removed to the Queen’s hospital in Honolulu where he lingered for a few days before death relieved his of his sufferings on January 9 th . His death is said to be due mainly to general debility and sorrow for the loss of his mother.

            Mr. Lyons is now left with only two children to console him and soften his sorrow. These, little Dan, aged 10 years and little Florence, aged 6 years, are now spending a few weeks at Waikiki with their father. The family have the heartfelt and expressed sympathy of the entire community.




            Yesterday was a busy day, politically, for the governemtn party; and it is quite likely the future will prove it to have been a fatal day’s work for the party of promises and compromisses. We believe that in truth, and as an open political opponent, the national reform party, to a man, feels fully satisfied with the work done in convention by the government leaders and wire bullers yesterday afternoon. We have at least, and after inquiry, heard of no complaints except from the government side; some of these, as we are informed, come from the ticket itself; while others come from aspiring politicians, who do not believe the political compromise, made by whisky, religion and gold, has been fairly proportioned!


            As analysis of the work done yesterday by the government party in convention assembled to publish the “cut-and-dried,” will perhaps show why the national reformers are satisfied with the work done. We especially call the attention of the native Hawaiians to the first clause of this last platform of the government party issued yesterday, which leaves the independence of Hawaii an open question, to be determined and even abrogated, if so decided, under the thin pretext of, “the amplest commercial benefits in our treaty relations with the United States.” This is merely a restatement of the ministerial policy set forth in palliation of the ministers’ political pertidy against our national independence made in answer to the demands of the people some three months ago. Every native Hawaiian and every foreigner, who favors Hawaiian independence, will shun like a political curse the platform containing such political doctrine formulated by the same men who attempted to destroy our independence in last September, 1889!


            As for the rest of this latest platform, and we hope the last before eletion, there is little to say. The four remaining planks are vague yet verbal condensations of the declaration of principles upon which the candidates of the national reform party of the people are pledged and nominated. We hope to hear no more of stolen platforms from the government side since that party has at last relegated its former alleged platform and now puts forth, after political emasculation, a new document that is politically weak, on account of omissions, and is verbally effeminate and purposely vague, as far as pledging its candidates to any political policy in the interests of the people is concerned! It is in fact a compromise platform which endeavors to reconcile the antagonistic interests of whiskey, sugar and religion, while it leaves the independence of Hawaii an open question in the hands of the present ministry (or a similary one), who attempted to abridge if not destroy, the autonomy of the government a little over three months ago!


            In fact the entire government party including the Advertiser has turned a political somersault. The weakness of their past political fight is virtually aacknowledged and an entire change of political base is made. These are no idle words. The government organ this morning cooly accuses “the mechanics and industrial classes of the country” with bringing about and carrying out the bloodless revolution of 1887! After the government party has for two years acknowledged the commission of that political crime and has glowed in the tact, through the columns of the Advertiser, from the pulpit and within the fragrant precincts of our various saloons—nay, after the whole manner and style of concocting and carrying out the revolution of 1887, has been written and published by the man most capable of knowing and telling the truth of that whole disgraceful affair !— now at this late day the physical cowards of the family compact, who let braver men face the danger, accuse “the mechanics and industrial classes of the country’ of hatching that devilish revolution, in which the present minister of the interior was a keading spirit and would have been a spirited leader had he not been an arrant coward!


            The personel of the men put forward to carry the shadowy platform of the government party will not be commented on at present. The poor fellows are in bad enough political box as it is, representing as they do, cliques, actions, and social elements, which are naturally and justly at swords points, both from principle and profession! There is but one thing left as a result of yesterday’s political work and that is the assertion of the Advertiser, under its last change of political base, that no charge has “been brought home to the party now controlling the government.” But general and specific charges have “been broght home,” as both native Hawaiians and foreigners well know; the public also knows that the government party dares not answer these charges in detail, because the absolute prood is back of them and will in any case be produced at the proper time. And if the government party will keep its eye open it will likely see some more charges “brought home” before the 5 th of next February. Issuing a new platform, accusing the working men of the kingdom of the political crime of revolution of 1887 and asserting a clean political record for the government party in the face of historical facts, may be a political pastime for the verbal hypocrites of the family compact; but such a course will convince neither intelligent foreigners nor native Hawaiians of the patriotism or integrity of the present compromise ticket issued b the government party!




            A meetin of the Honolulu Iron Works Company employees was called to order at the foundry by Mr. Gillfillan at 12:30 P.M. to-day. Mr. W.C. Roe was chosen chairman and the following paper was passed around and numerously signed:

            Inasmuch as a rumor to the contrary is in circulation, we, the undersigned, employees of the Honolulu Iron Works Company, hereby wish to state that in the event of Mr. Alex Young having been put forward as a candidate for Noble for the island of Oahu, he would have received our unanimous support and vote.


            WHY did Mr. Wundenberg find it necessary to appoint Mr. W.C. Achi, a government party candidate, as one of the clerks of the board of inspectors in the first district?


            THE morning organ has been unable, according to its statement, to cal any truths, etc. No one ever imagined such a thing. It has never been in that line of business.


            VOTERS having honest conviction in favor of the national reform party are respectfully asked to read the slurring comparison of the government organ in which it likens them to the Tweed Gang in New York City. Such a conciliatory, such a winning remark!


            A NATIONAL   reform meeting for District No. 1, was held at the Brighton Baths, Waikiki, last night. There ws a large and enthusiastic attendance. Stirring speeches by Messrs. Wilcox, More and Mehrtens sent every body home in a happy frame of mind determined to vote for national reform. Let every voter see that he is properly registered by the proper parties . Don’t delay this matter too long.


            CHANGE of scene and occasional foreign travel will probably enable Messrs. Young and Halstead to forget the poignant anguish consequent upon the politcal deal yesterday. But what shall console poor Schumann who has nurtured this government plant with suh wild-eyed tendeer interedt and who has concentrated every energy upon securing a nomination for his services, which have been indeed very valuable. Console yourself, old boy, it is better to be a disappointed aspirant than a defeated candidate.


            WE invite attention to an editorial appearing in this morning’s Advertiser under the head of “National Reform Weapons.” As an instance of addlepated foolishness, overweening bigotry and deliberate mistatement it is fully worthy of the family compact sheet. Unable and unwilling to combat the arguments and array of facts presented by the HERALD and ELELE, the Advertiser assumes its usual sneering style. But the public is now pretty well acquainted with the Advertiser sneer. Its choler is only a subject of mirth to those who are familiar with its idiosyncrasies. It starts out in the above named article with the assertion that the national reform cause depends for success on wholesale vituperation and abuse—and in consequence must be weak. Well, this comes pretty well from the Advertiser, which is at all times the most vindictive and abusive sheet printed on these islands. Who ever read anything like a well digested , candid editorial in the paper! Its arguments are the vicious rattle and deadly fangs of the rattlesnake to all who cross its political or financial path.






            Four of the noble ticket had all the legislative experience that is good for them. Messrs. Kaaukai, Cunha, Lishman, Greene and Dillingham are too well known to require comment; in fact, they may not bear it.

            Mr. Cecil Brown is an old vegetarian. His