Ahailono o ka Lahui, Volume I, Number 15, 27 January 1890 — Page 1

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            “EXISTING administration”—those whom the gods made fools of and forgot to destroy!



                        --Our candidates are required to promote and defend all measures for the advantage of the working classes.— Kumuhana Aoao Lahui.


            THE latest ministerial promise—to try to again destroy Hawaiian independence!


            POLITICAL adage—whom the people lose confidence in they sit upon at the first general election!


            EVERY one of the “truly good” will take a little whisky” and “sugar” in his’n, on principle, during election day!


            EVERY man who believes in the independence of Hawaii and in the control of the government by the people will vote for the National Reform party’s candidates!




                        Our candidates will support a liberal modification of the present law on the property and income qualifications now required of electors for Nobles.— Kumuhana Aoao Lahui.




            THE government announces “they stand or fall” with W.C. Achi in the fifth district and that the government will recognize no other candidate. Good for the government! The people have determined to stand without either Mr. Achi or the rest of the illegitimates!


            THE wirepulling management of the government party has decided against further exhibitions of their pet orators. The management accepts the fact that preconceived notions and confirmed convictions of the foreign element generally renders it practically unassailable. This accurate interpretation of the drift of public sentiment is about the only instance of political shrewdness which can be placed to the credit of the government party.


            THE contemplated treaty between the United States and Hawaii, a draft of which was published months ago, was so unpalatable to the public generally that the ministry hastened to disclaim all acquiescence in its provisions. Now the same treaty is advocated by the Times and dire disasters are prophesied based on its rejection by the people. As the Times represents something more than individual vagary and is the organ of ministerial policy, the intelligent reader will see that what the cabinet once repudiated to allay popular excitement is now a prominent feature of the government programme.






            The men of the “existing adminstration” who caused the late vacillating policy of the late ministerial organ, the Advertiser, are again showing up in print, this time in the now government organ, the Times. Within three days this now organ of the political illegitimates has affirmed and denied the “existing administration” policy of a sole American protectorate with ultimate annexation. On the same page where the denial is made the government illegitimates demand that we “grant important concessions,” which, he noted, the United States has not asked and under her well known policy in the Pacific will not ask. Let every man of this kingdom remember that the three arguments printed by the ministerial illegitimates in the Times, as those upon which our reciprocity treaty was secured are wholly arguments gotten up here, which did not influence the United States Government one iota in granting us the protection of her tariff and will not stay the withdrawal of the reciprocity treaty one moment should the interests of the United States so decide!


            But the egotism of these ministerial illegitimates is enormous. These fellows believe the defeat of the present rebel government “will be significant to American officials who are watching the outcome of affairs.” Do the Hawaiian ministers and their organ know the instructions under which American officials are placed here? If they do not, we do; and therefore advise these ministerial illegitimates to go very slow in such groundless assertions. Have you forgotten the stand taken by the American Minister in 1887, when a few of the “hot-headed boys” backed by the revolutionary illegitimates of 1887, proposed to “monkey” with the Hawaiian Government under the protection of the American flag! If the “existing administration” is beaten in this election “the records of this ministry will be read” in the United States about as follows: a cabinet with a record of oppression against the native race and attempted perfidy to the independence of Hawaii, was at last “sat upon” by the wealth-producing classes of the kingdom, for said attempted perfidy and cruel political oppression and because this cabinet neither represented the political policy of the United States not the policy or wishes of a majority of people living in the Hawaiian Islands!


            Within the space of four days the ministerial journalistic illegitimates back of the Times have proved themselves foolish without palliation and roguish without ability! After we have enjoyed the benefits of American protection since 1877, by the courtesy and kindness of the American Government, a government and a people who are opposed to the very semblance of free trade and are likely to vote against a people or treaty advocating the doctrine,--in spite of these facts, which Mr. Cleveland remembers to his cost, the “existing administration” comes out flatly in favor of the free trade doctrine! If anything will tend to kill the benefits we now derive from the American protective tariff, it will be the advocacy of the free trade doctrine by our present ministerial agents of foreign planters, the majority of whom are neither Americans nor native Hawaiians!


            But the fact is that these ministerial illegitimates of ours, who are foolish without palliation and roguish without ability, are not the men who first secured us the benefits of the American protective tariff and they are not the men who secured us an extension of these benefits! Neither are they likely to be the men who will secure us further extension of said benefits, if their foolish advocacy of the free trade doctrine and their open attack upon the southern planters of the United States become noised abroad among the American people. This whole scheme has been sprung at this late day by our blundering ministerial illegitimates, to be used here for the purpose of making a political scare to secure a few haole votes for the desperate government cause. These men have been and are willing to sacrifice our chances of an extension of American tariff protection to Hawaii by advocating the foolish policy of free trade and territorial concessions in the hopes of holding out to the United States government a bait which they are fools enough to believe will cause the American people to go back on the political policy of a life time!


            Free trade indeed! The American people firmly rebuked Mr. Cleveland for hinting at the doctrine of “permanent free trade.” Protection indeed! When Daniel Webster was secretary of state, he laid down the United States doctrine on this point concerning the islands of the Pacific. And his doctrine of the establishment and maintenance of the autonomy of native government in the Pacific island groups had been re-affirmed by every succeeding secretary of state since,--including lately both Mr. Bayard and Mr. Blaine! Both Mr. H.A.P. Carter and the “existing administration” have lately had this doctrine re-affirmed to them in official documents. Yet in spite of these facts—knowing as they well do that the continuance of the protection of our industries under the American tariff does not rest upon the surrender of our autonomy of government or upon concessions offered by us, --still these political Hawaiian illegitimates are foolish enough and roguish enough to use such arguments to try to raise a political scare on the reciprocity treaty in favor of the government party!


            Be it remembered these political illegitimates did not secure the benefits of American protection for us and the people of Hawaii sincerely hope the insensate course of the “existing administration” will not end, as it is very likely to end, in the ultimate destruction of these benefits. Let every voter who wishes to prolong the autonomy of our government, as the United States desires, vote for the National Reform candidates, who are pledged to a patriotic and manly policy in this regard agreeable to the long established policy of the United States of America!


            THE @@


independence and autonomy, in announcing the expiration of the present treaty in 1894, says that indications are that its renewal is problematic. How has the Times learned so much? And if this indeed be so, what assurance has our treaty expert that the United States will reject one treaty to saddle itself with another involving greater responsibility without proportionate gain! Our great neighbor is not given to conquest and additional political ascendency here could never be a desideratum. The government of the United States is practical and a treaty for sugar, not sentiment, is its hobby! The Times well knows that by the proposed treaty of the “existing administration” protection is sought not for the country, but for a faction!


            THE Advertiser, in yesterday’s continuation of its fulsome laudations of the government policy in al things, finds particular cause for congratulation on its manipulation of the Chinese question. The organ, with its usual disingenuousness, dodges the issue. It cites a great reduction in immigration, due, as it claims, to the firmness of the government, which it alleges has refused the quota of labor demanded by planters. It is doubtful whether any such refusal has ever occurred. But if so it proves nothing. The people have never sought to cripple the labor supply of plantations, but they have insisted on some sort of protection against coolie invasion of general fields of industry. The issue has not been against necessary immigration, but against ruinous competition. And this has ever been a leading question, and not, as the Advertiser said, a side issue. The reform candidates of 1887 were tacitly pledged, to carry out the wishes of the people in this regard. That the legislators viewed it as a side issue in violation of their pledges, only proves that they disregarded their obligations to the people, and justifies the assumption they will do so again in spite of any pledges however explicit.




                        --Our candidates are emphatically pleaded to maintain the absolute independence and autonomy of the Kingdom.— Kumuhana Aoao Lahui.





            Last night a meeting of the Portugese voters of the Third Ward was held in the yard of the Royal School. Mr. Vierra was chosen chairman and Mr. Camara acted as secretary and interpreter. Mr. Marques devoted his remarks rather to the registration question that to the political issues of the day. He gave a plain and practical outline of the election law and its requirements. At the close of his remarks, which were well received, he introduced Mr. Cummings, whose happy hits were loudly applauded. Mr. T.R. Lucas, candidate for Representative from the Fourth District then presented an unanswerable array of reasons for supporting the National Reform party. He urged the Portuguese to cast their suffrages for Mr. Marques. The audience then applauded Mr. Marques with vociferous cheers. Mr. Osario, of the O Luso Hawaiiano, struggled to stem the course of opinion by bitter attacks on certain National Reform party candidates, but his shafts fell short of effect. Considering that the audience was made of men exhausted by their day’s work, the rapt attention of all speaks volumes for their devotion to the National Reform party.



                        As the strength and wealth of a nation are built on the partition of the land into prosperity with farms rather than into a few large estates, our candidates will endorse all practicable suggestions for augmenting the efficiency of the Homestead Act.— Kumuhana Aoao Lahui.