Ahailono o ka Lahui, Volume I, Number 16, 28 January 1890 — Page 2

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The National Herald




POLITICAL chestnuts—the editorial notes of the ministerial illegitimates in the new government organ!


-- Our candidates are emphatically pledged to maintain the absolute independence and autonomy of the kingdom .—National Reform Platform


  EVERY citizen of Hawaii who is opposed to machine politics and family compact rule will vote the National Reform ticket!


  LET every citizen of Hawaii, who is in favor of a guarantee of Hawaiian independence by the great powers jointly, vote against the present government party!


  THE Daily Times is the new ministerial organ of the present government.   The Times is pledged to machine politics as represented by the “existing administration” and is in favor of the annexation of Hawaii by the United States.


  As the strength and wealth of a nation are built on the partition of the soil into numerous small farms rather than into a few large estates, our candidates will endorse all practicable suggestions for augmenting the efficiency of the Homestead Act.   National Reform Platform


  ANNEXATIONISTS—every Hawaiian born foreigner of the family compact and of the “existing administration!”   Anti-annexationists-all bona fide Americans, Englishmen, Germans, Frenchmen and NATIVE HAWAIIANS in the kingdom


  THE Advertiser again veils itself in allegorical mistiness.   The poor sheet has said two or three things lately which it was not commanded to utter and pending a pitiable bewilderment will speak in parables till its thoughts are collected and its new instructions are fully digested


  WE are requested to state that the speech reported in the Daily Times, as delivered by R. W. Wilcox at Kapalama church on Friday last, is repudiated by that gentleman as a tissue of falsehoods and that a formal denial and disclaimer thereof will appear in tomorrow’s HERALD over Mr. Wilcox’s signature.


  THERE was a grand rally of National Reform voters at the Kalihi-waena church last night.   The meeting was addressed by R.W. Wilcox, T.R. Lucas and Jno. Bowler—W.C. Achi was present and in response to a courteous invitation to make a few remarks declined.   The assemblage dispersed about 10 o’clock.


  -- Our candidates will support a liberal modification of the present law on the property and income qualifications now required of electors for Nobles —National Reform Platform.


  THE Advertiser closed its Adullamite yarn this morning.   To the average man this beautiful allegory will ever remain an unsolved mystery.   But a key, furnished on application to the Advertiser, will reveal, it is said, the significance of the story and discover several jokes carefully embalmed for eternity.   Meantime with a slight disturbance of words the allegory will answer equally well for an obituary notice or an account of a dog fight.




  Last Saturday we mentioned that the government party was making the bulk of its fight against native Hawaiians.   This fight is being made from more than one point.   It is being made against native Hawaiians, as a race.   It is also being made against the individual native voters by taking advantage of the interpretation and technicalities of the present one-sided election law.   One of the political absurdities of the course being pursued by the government party officials is the contradiction between their political claims and their official actions.   Even while the minister of the interior was violating the letter and spirit of the election law, in the appointment of inspectors of elections, he publicly made the claim in print that his actions were honest, honorable and helpful to the country at large.   This claim was publicly made in the face of the unenviable political character established by this same minister of the interior during the past two years!


  We before anticipated and published the fact that a dishonest or weak headed official would likely be constrained by his party to do just as the minister of the interior is now doing in carrying the election law into effect.   First , the appointments were made, as far as said minister dared, in favor of the government party.   Secondly , all appointees favorable to the government side are interpreting and stretching the law wherever it can be done to make it work favorably for the government party and unfavorably for native Hawaiian electors.   It is made to work especially unfavorable for those native Hawaiians who offer to qualify as electors for nobles.   Haole prestige is mainly used in taking advantage of native Hawaiians who offer to register as electors for nobles.


  How is this advantage taken?   An instance will suffice to show the modus operandi.   Please remember that wherever there is any question as to an elector’s qualifications his oath is sufficient under the law to settle the questions as far as the inspectors of election are concerned.   The following instance is an absolute fact which happened in one of the districts of Honolulu last week.   The two electors mentioned below applied for registration in the order named.   First, a well known haole elector on the National Reform party side applied for registration, as an elector for both representatives and nobles.   He was registered without a word being said or a question asked, although the applicant works for a salary!   The inspectors knew he was not a man to fool with!   Secondly, a native Hawaiian applied for similar registration.   This native is well known and is in business for himself, having an income of at least one thousand dollars a year.   Before he was allowed to register, he was most thoroughly and persistently cross examined by one of Mr. Thurston’s appointees.   These cross examinations of native Hawaiian applicants have doubtless been ordered by the minister of interior, to be carried out wherever no determined objection is made.   They are generally so carried out with native Hawaiians, although not sanctioned by law.


  In the instance referred to above the native Hawaiian elector was catechized as to the smallest details of his daily sales and receipts.   He was cross examined as a doubtful witness sometimes is by a tricky lawyer.   Mr. Thurston’s inspector used every trick known to police court lawyers to entrap this Hawaiian elector and disqualify him as a voter for nobles.   In this case Mr. Thurston’s inspector failed.   But in how many cases do Mr. Thurston’s inspectors succeed?   The cross examination of native Hawaiians is carried out whenever the chance offers and an inspector favorable to the government party dares do so.   It is admitted that every native elector for nobles will vote against the government party candidates; therefore every native elector whom Mr. Thurston’s inspectors can cross examine into probable or possible disqualification, by taking unlawful advantage of the election law, is equivalent to a vote gained by the government party and a vote lost to the National Reform party.


  There are no hopes of getting the letter or spirit of the election law carried out by the “existing administration.”   These men are now using every endeavor to escape “the curse of a granted prayer;” that is, they are trying to escape giving the people an honest election under a law which they claim was drawn to exclude the political fraud practices by the old regime!   It devotes upon the candidates of the National Reform party to be stirring at this point



  The “existing administration” through their special organ, the Daily Times, are again endeavoring to stir up race prejudice,--this time between Americans and Englishmen.   The Times is backed and run by two or three men, not one of whom can claim the manly title of being either an American or an Englishman.   They are Hawaiian born foreigners, or political illegitimates!   The “existing administration” in this instance is wasting valuable time; all true Englishmen and all bona fide Americans residing here have too much sense to be set by the ears by a few foolish politicians, who bear the misfortune of having no political nativity except by adoption and the courtesy of the Hawaiian people.

  An American by birth and full of sympathy for his country, like every American worthy of the name, the writer of these lines, together with every one of his bona fide countrymen domiciled here, outside of the few so called “Hawaiian-born Americans!” heartily endorses every English candidate upon the National Reform ticket or upon the independent ticket nominated on the island of Hawaii.   Both Englishmen and Americans are more liberal-minded than the political illegitimates back of the Daily Times, who have neither political nativity nor even a patriotic record in the country of their political adoption.



  An Englishmen is not afraid to vote for an American and an American is not afraid to vote Englishmen.   Neither are Englishmen and Americans afraid to join their votes at this political crisis against a few Hawaiian born foreigners, who have already attempted to destroy the independence and autonomy of the Hawaiian kingdom and now declare themselves against the joint protection of Hawaiian independence by the great powers!   As is the bulk of the American nation, so every true American   here is opposed to the sole protection, or virtual annexation of these islands, by the United States.   The United States government has declared the same political principle and every Englishman in Hawaii will aid resident bona fide Americans in prolonging the autonomy of the Hawaiian Government.


  The only prejudice the “existing administration” organ, the Daily Times, will be likely to raise will be a just prejudice against the ring of political illegitimates, who have endeavored to sell out Hawaiian independence and who would be as likely to sell out either American or English national honor, if it would bring money into their pockets—and they had a chance to do so!



  The new Times, government organ, say that government bonds, 6 per cent. Issue, 1886, were sold at 108 and exultantly closes with the exclamation, no confidence, eh?   Well, good friend, you evidently know very little about stocks, bonds and values, and a little information will be of use U. S. bonds, 4½ per cent. were quoted in New York at 105, and 6 per cent. U. S., redeemable in 1899, quoted at 126.   In London, the British 3 per cent. consols are sold at 97, and in Paris the 3 per cents. are at 88.   This brings the value of unredeemable Hawaiian 6 per cents. free of taxes to over 140, according to New York values; and to 194 London values.   Consequently what can you call the state of a market in which you can buy for 108, what ought to be worth between 140 and 194?   No confidence in the present government, eh?!!


  -- Our candidates are required to promote and defend all measures for the advantage of the working classes .—National Reform Platform.


  WE are sorry that an unintentional injustice was done Mr. Henry Waterhouse through a short article which appeared in our issue of yesterday.   The article referred to was a clipping for office reference taken from another paper, which, through an inadvertency of our translator was published in our Hawaiian department.   The clipping charged that a certain conversation had taken place between Mr. Carter and Mr. Henry Waterhouse in regard to buying votes.   As the National Herald makes it a rule to publish nothing without the proof back of it and as the clipping referred to does Mr. Waterhouse and injustice and was published unintentionally, we hasten to make our journalistic record consistent by publishing these facts.