Ahailono o ka Lahui, Volume I, Number 19, 31 January 1890 — Page 2

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            The following are the last days allowed to the electors of Honolulu for registering their names, failure of which will deprive them of their right to vote:

            First District, First Precinct, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4 to 8 p.m.          

            Second District, Second Precinct, on Tuesday and Friday from 5 to7:30p.m.

            Second District, First Precinct, on Monday (3 to 6), Wednesday, (7 to 9) and Friday (2 to 6).

            Second District, Second Precinct, on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 7 to 9 p.m.

            Third District, First Precinct, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 to 9p.m.

            Third District, Second Precinct, on Monday and Thursday from 7 to 9p.m.

            Fourth District, First Precinct, on Tuesday (7 to 9) and Friday (6 to 9)

            Fourth District, Second Precinct, on Friday only, from 4 to 8 p.m.

            Fifth District, First Precinct, on Monday and Friday from 7 to 9 p.m.

            Fifth District, Second Precinct, Wednesday (4 to 7) and Friday 2 to 8 p.m.



The National Herald.


Honolulu, Jan. 31, 1890.



            THE Hawaiian “Morey letter”—L.A. Thurston’s speech last night!


            --Our candidates are required to promote and defend all measures for the advantage of the working classes.— National Reform Platform.


            THE government organ styles T.R. Lucas, “the lion.” It does Lucas if he would get the lion’s share of votes in the fourth district.


            IF there appears to be a dearth of office-holders at their usual posts in the afternoons, it is because they are thronging the Times office to secure their opinion for the next day!


            J.F. MORGANS’S ideas of “honorable tactics” are rather misty. In his eagerness to make a point against his opponent last night he grossly violated business confidence reposed in him. Then he had the effrontery to ask for votes!


            MR. THURSTON finds arguments for the Carter bargain in the disastrous sequence of a religious persecution commenced in 1839. Could he not go a little further and discover cogent reasons for it in the Salem Witchcraft episodes?


            SEVERAL correspondents of the Advertiser wish to know why Mr. Widemann sat in the legislature with a convicted reprobate like Mr. Kekoa. This is intended as a sarcastic reference to the alleged “spasm of virtue” which the government scribblers declare caused his resignation from a legislature that condoned offences in Mr. Nawahine, while it expelled other men. Well, Mr. Widemann certainly did remain with Kekoa, Thurston, Dole and others!





            The statement made by us the other day that our self-disgraced ministry were foolish without palliation and roguish without ability was verified personally by L.A. Thurston last night before a small audience of office holders and members of the family compact who gathered in the old armory. We have asserted that L.A. Thurston, among others, was roguish without ability. We are now forced to add to this charge that L.A. Thurston in his speech last night proved himself to be an unscrupulous political demagogue, who has purposely and knowingly garbled and misstated Hawaiian history for political purposes. He has done this designedly at a late day in the campaign, doubtless under the assumption that others are as truly ignorant of Hawaiian history as he purposely makes himself appear to be. L.A. Thurston has done this piece of political dirty work like the ungentlemanly political reprobate he is!


            We will prove what we state. L.A. Thurston affirmed he would state “briefly” the history of Hawaii with France. In doing this he purposely suppressed facts, which chronologically preceded those he did state and again purposely suppressed other facts intervening between those stated and the resolution passed at the dictation of the dominant missionary faction by their own actions in the year 1839. It is, perhaps, needless to state that these same missionaries caused a proclamation to be issued on March 10, 1851, by Kamehameha, similar to the legislative resolution condemning the French Government, passed on June 10 th of the same year. Be it remembered that this action was taken twelve years after the disgraceful acts committed by the established congregational mission!


            The facts “briefly” and truly stated are substantially as follows: A treaty of friendship and peace was entered into between France and Hawaii on July 24, 1837. This treaty was signed by Kamehameha III, and A. Du Petit Thouars. It provided that French citizens while in Hawaii should be treated as were those of the most favored nations, and that Hawaiian subjects while in France should be treated as were those of the most favored nations. This treaty was violated by the then existing government, which was controlled by the American mission. It was deliberately violated for the express purpose of establishing religious persecution against the Catholic religion which was, at that time, represented in Hawaii by subjects of France. We will not be charged with writing from a sectarian standpoint; our views on religious questions are well known to many. We simply state facts of history, which even the missionary historians have not denied, although they are open to the charge of partial suppression and a persistent attempt to smooth over the history of that particular period.


            It is unfortunate for L.A. Thurston’s reputation and claim of honorable manhood that he suppressed the facts immediately following the arrival of the French man-of-war in 1839. It is doubly unfortunate, we say, that he suppressed this prominent fact: viz.,   That all bona fide American citizens and those of other foreign countries domiciled here at that time were almost a unit in favor of the action taken by the French man-of-war, as they were a unit against the perfidious course carried out by the Hawaiian government under the dictation and control of the American mission of that day! The actions of those in control, who violated the treaty of 1837 with the French government, were so despicable that they called out the following document, signed by such men as Hon. J.C. Jones, then American Consul, Mr. C. Brewer and other well known citizens of that day. The document speaks for itself, is a genuine copy of the original and will stand as undeniable testimony of L.A. Thurston’s open dishonesty in suppressing it last night. The fact of its existence and its publication immediately after his speech will not only kill the political capital he attempts to make in favor of his own party, but will justly cloud his reputation as a politician and an honest man, as long as he remains in the kingdom of Hawaii. The document is as follow:



To Post Captain C. Laplace Commanding the King of the French’s Frigate Artemise, Honolulu Roads, Oahu.

            SIR: We the undersigned in behalf of ourselves and fellow citizens, take the earliest opportunity after the termination of the unpleasant differences, between the government of France and this country, to convey to you our deep feelings of gratitude and esteem, for the considerate and generous offer of an Asylum for our persons and property, in the event of you finding it necessary to commence actual hostilities against this country, although by your firmness and energy, affairs have been brought to a satisfactory settlement without an actual appeal to arms and we had therefore no occasion to avail ourselves of your friendly offer. We beg to assure you that we equally appreciate and honor the nobleness which in the midst of the many complicated considerations and engagements, as must necessarily occupy your attention on the ever of commencing hostilities, that you did not for a moment loose sight of the means of safety for our defenseless families and ourselves, but offered a secure refuge on board your gallant Frigate the ‘Artemise, to all who feared for their persons or property and were not identified with the enemies of France. We have great pleasure in hearing that all differences are satisfactorily arranged, between the government of France and this country, as firm friends to independence and liberty of conscience, and hater of persecution, we hail your arrival at these islands, as the most glorious epoch in their history since their discovery. We are willing to hope, that the horrifying realities of persecution and torture for conscience sake, will by your firmness and justice have been forever crushed never again to show its Hydra head, and that the simple and confiding children of nature in these islands (so long deluded by designing and interested counselors) will see the necessity, of immediately retracing their steps, and taking the manly and noble dis-interested example, you have set them for their guide that the blessings of freedom, peace and prosperity may be hence forward the increasing portion of these hitherto deluded people. We feel much gratification in bearing our humble testimony to the high discipline and urbanity exhibited by all your gallent officers and men, when visiting our shores throughout the whole of this trying crisis. We much regret that your limited stay at this place obliges us to make this early farewell, we again tender you our warmest wishes, for your safe arrival at your native country, after so long an absence, in good health, we beg to assure you that your beautiful Frigate the ‘Artemise, her gallent captain, officers and crew, will always be remembered here with feelings of no common admiration and interest.

            Be assured, sir, of the high consideration and respect with which we subscribe ourselves, your obliged and greatful servants.

                                                                        J.C. JONES,
                                                                        WM. FRENCH,
                                                                        J. MEEK,
                                                                        GEO. PELLY,
                                                                        S. REYNOLDS,
                                                                        C. BREWER,

Honolulu, Oahu, 17 th July 1839.



            Let us remember that Mr. La Place offered protection to the general public, exclusive of the American mission and the Hawaiian government controlled by them! Let us also remember that L.A. Thurston’s ancestors were implicated in the dastardly policy attempted to be carried out by the congregational mission of that time and is consequently interested in perverting the historical facts to-day. But like the blunderer he is, presuming other people to be as ignorant as he is knavish, he has sprung this perversion of history upon the public to show that the leaders of the National Reform party “ignore facts and history and are running a campaign on ignorance and prejudice.” To prove his case L.A. Thurston quotes a resolution and proclamation put forth twelve years after the fact by missionaries themselves to officially shield, if possible, the disgraceful actions of their militant brethren!


            THE Advertiser which got out of the government favor by advocating the Independent ticket on Hawaii will probably be taken into probation for its advocacy of a treaty inimical to the independence of Hawaii. No doubt about the organ’s sentiments. It takes the high ground that the United States is entitled to demand any advantages in return for its commercial concessions. Fortunately the country will soon be in the hands of a party which can secure advantageous concessions without national extinction.


            THE spectacle of Mr. Thurston haranguing a political meeting contrary to his own orders and instructions occasions no surprise. That he is Minister of the Interior for the whole Kingdom does not deter him from being a partisan. He asserts himself to be in opposition to a large class of the people. He does not regard himself as anything more than an official for the party at present in power. He will live to learn that the party for the benefit of which he holds office is in a minority and the opposition which he honors with his sneering contempt will relegate him together with his party to the political insignificance they merit!


            THE Advertiser, which is in a state of perplexity as to its own platform and which is uncertain what stand to take about the free trade treaty, brings to the exposition of the National Reform platform that clearness of vision and perspicacity of expression that characterize all its articles about things beyond its comprehension. It reads the National Reform endorsement of reciprocity so as to mean that Hawaii does not desire a closer relationship with the United States than with England or Germany. It will ever remain a mystery to those familiar with the Advertiser style of elucidation that the family-compact organ did not find a plot in the document to assassinate President Harrison.