Ahailono o ka Lahui, Volume I, Number 23, 5 February 1890 — Page 2

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            Having very good reasons to believe that, in spite of the stringent proscriptions of the present law and the instructions of the Minister of Interior, many workers of the so-called “Reform” or government party, are resorting, during the present campaign, to bribery, threats, pressure, promises of different kinds, and other “corrupt or illegal” practices forbidden by the sections 88, 90, 93, 94, 101 and 102 of the electoral law of 1888;

            Therefore, the sum of $100 will be paid by the Central Committee of the National Reform party to any person or persons whose evidence will procure the conviction of any such malpractices, and the above sum will be raised to $150, if the person convicted be a government officer.

                                                Per order of

                                                            CENTRAL COMMITTEE,

                                                                        NATIONAL REFORM PARTY.



The National Herald.





            BROKEN promises—government promises!


            THE Hawaiian lying club—the remaining big three!


            VOTE the National Reform ticket “first last and every time”!


            THE Times having fulfilled it mission of vilification and misrepresentation gurgles its last gurgle today!


            LET every man who favors political justice to the industrial classes of Hawaii vote the National Reform ticket!


            EVERY missionary who votes the government ticket to-day will vote against the “professed” principles of a life time!


            When the Times speaks of “the intelligence and enterprise of the country” it has no reference to personal characteristics but refers to wealth!


            THE ticket of “whisky, sugar and prayers” is another political pretext put forth by the government party to secure the chance to break more promises made to the people!


            THE government organ asserts that the reform party has reduced the number of Chinese in the country by three thousand. How large a reduction in Honolulu has been affected?


            WHY did the so-called Reform party entrust all the road districts outside of Honolulu to road districts outside of Honolulu to road boards and retain a road Honolulu? Answer –Because –er-um-ahen-eh—you know!


            THE Times says: “Remember that your opponent will vote the straight party ticket.” Certainly, for the National Reform party is the only really straight one and its ticket is correspondingly straight.


            HOME capital got into the bad way of going of our country for investment, etc.—Times.

            Never in the same length of time has so much home capital sought foreign fields of investment as during the present government party’s incumbency!


            SINCE the government party cannot have Chinese cheap labor as it wants, its leader have determined to promise what the people demand to promise what the people demand at this point and then flood the country with Japanese cheap labor—if they get the chance! Let every workingman and native Hawaiian see that the party of new promises never gets the desired chance!


            THE government party promises to secure for the people what it has for two years failed to give them? Viz., “honest, economic, and efficient administration in all departments of the Government.”


            THE government party held a grand mass meeting in Fowler’s yard last night. There were about a dozen persons present, among whom were several government officials! ‘Rah for the government party’!


            ABOUT two hundred people assembled at the Armory last night to listen to the government candidates. The balance of about twenty-five hundred were at the National Reform party’s meeting held at the Palace Square!


            THE American Declaration of Independance declares that all men are created equal. The so-called reform party has ruled that equality at birth is superseded eventually by an inequality due to property qualification.


            THE government party has nominated for representative in the second district Mr. Ka-ne, one of the five men whose names were stricken from the roll of the Hawaiian Political Association for connection with the revolt of 1889!


            MR. CRABBE is accused by the Times of calling Mr. Achi “a little half-Chinese monkey”. It then challenges Mr. Crabbe to deny it, if he can. Is the gentleman prepared to deny that Mr. Achi is “a little half-Chinese monkey?”


            THE Advertiser claims that the reform party has introduced the principle of civil service reform. How? We will answer. Hon. H.S. Townsend introduced a bill providing for civil service reform. Mr. Thurston moved its indefinite postponement—carried!


THE Advertiser manifests great alarm over the probability of National Reform success. It fears all the good accomplished by the government will be swept away. Fear not. It is the evil of the existing regime that has created an issue between the two parties. The good will all be safe.


FULLY twenty-five hundred persons assembled at Palace Square last night to listen to the last speeches on National Reform before the election. The assemblage was principally composed of natives. Addresses by various National Reform Reform candidates awakened responsive enthusiasm in all present.


“HAWAII voluntarily surrendered her independence to the United States and the United States voluntarily restored it.”— Times.


Moral—Surrender your independence again so that the United States may—or better still, vote the National Reform Ticket and make no experimental surrenders.


            NOW the Times takes a National Reform candidate to task for calling Mr. Achi “a little half-Chinese Monkey,” and then calls the language “personal.   Does the Times mean to admit the accuracy of the appellation or will it contend that he is a “half-little Chinese Monkey” or that he is “a little Chinese half-monkey?”


WORKINGMEN will remember that to the government party is due the end grafting of a property of a property qualification on Hawaiian politics. This political vagary, like others of the aforesaid party, has been and is being relegated to oblivion by every enlightened nation on the globe. The principle that the government is a stock corporation and each voter a shareholder originated with tyrants and landgrabbers.


THE Times hints at the locking up of capital and the handicapping of enterprise liable to result from a National Reform victory. This threadbare threat is a time-honored, hoary-headed chestnut used at every election since Noah. Only fools are frightened by such scarecrows. Capitalists in Hawaii are no exception to the general lot—they never lock up capital when it has a chance to increase?


NOT being able to answer, the government party will likely openly deny our charges and documentary proof published on the treaty question yesterday afternoon. If this is done, the public will please remember that we have absolute proof, either in our possession or where we can get it on notice, of each and every allegation and fact published by us yesterday in our article headed “Truth about the Treaty.”


WE ask every good and patriotic citizen of Hawaii to remember the chief political acts done by the leaders of the present government party during the seizure of the Hawaiian Government in 1887; together with the many things sad and written by the ministers and backers of the party of promises since that time, to justify their past unconstitutional acts and make consistent their present political policy of new promises!


VOTERS, remember that the legislative candidates of the government party are not even pledged to their platform! You see these candidates were nominated and, subsequently, the platform was adopted. No candidates for representatives on the government ticket are pledged in any way, unless they are pledged to support the “existing administration” in their policy against the people’s interests and the independence of the country!


THE Minister of Interior and acting attorney general on last Saturday night at the mass meeting of this party, used the following words: “I dropped into this hall last night and I saw the crowd [National Reform electors] which was bigger than the one I see before me, but one game cock will drive a whole barn yard full before him. I tell you gentlemen it’s brains that tells and not a noisy mob. [the people] and here is intelligence [government officials] while the crowd here last night [National Reform electors] would shout to hear themselves, without a thought in their empty heads.”


POLITICS has made queer bedfellows in the government party—that once highly esteemed party which has not lost political caste by breaking its promises and violating its pledges of reform. The government party has not only lost caste among foreigners but worse, it has lost the confidence to the native people who voted for the present government in 1887. To attempt to regain the lost confidence of the native people the party of promises has picked a few renegade natives such as Kane, Kaulukou and the Mongolian accident Achi, and placed them upon the government ticket. These men were positively denied recognition in the National Reform party because they were known to be bad men—their own countrymen repudiated them! Now lo and behold the government party have picked them up and placed them on their ticket in preference to such men as Messrs. Schuman, Young and Halstead!


THE Hawaiian lying club, more formally known as the “existing administration,” again attempted yesterday evening to deny and escape responsibility for those two infamous proposed additions to the treaty concocted in last September. It is no use, gentlemanly falsifiers of the government party, the facts are against you. The treaty was drawn by the ministry and the two infamous additions, allowing the landing of United States troops and munitions of war, were added by one of the family compact, who disgraced his high official position by meddling therein! Nor is this all, the additions were accepted by the “existing administration” and were presented as a part of the proposed treaty to the king for his signature. The statement of the Times last evening, that the United States knew nothing of the matter is the only truth told in the document. The assertion that the present government will not entertain or support any such proposition in the future is simply another ministerial promise. Gentlemen falsifiers, the people do not believe you—you have already entertained and supported such a proposition!


THE government party ahs forced a constitution upon the country by violence; it has attempted to destroy the independence of Hawaii to promote and protect by foreign arms the private interests of the family compact, the missionary wing and the “sugar” ring; it has broken down the last Portugese immigration scheme by ruining Hawaiian credit in London and Lisbon and has forced many resident Portugese to leave Hawaii; it has borrowed money where the country was promised retrenchment and reform; it has attempted to make political capital out of the fact that it has not violated the law relating to the segregation of lepers passed by a former administration; it has introduced principles of civil service reform which it has persistently refused to follow; it has oppressed the native race and disfranchised at least one-half of the native vote; it has opened up several hundred holdings under the Homestead Act, and has reserved the best of them for members of the family compact; it has been economical to the disadvantage and direct injury of the industrial classes of the kingdom; the hands of four ministers, who are not responsible to the people or the King, and has introduced “a host of other” political abuses in favor of the family compact and against the interests of the wealth producers of Hawaii!